90 Studio worldwide

Join Iron Bodyfit family by becoming a franchisee of one of the largest companies in EMS. I fact, Iron Bodyfit has already been implemented in 7 countries, opened more than 90 studios worldwide and won more than 15000 members’ loyalty.

Low start-up cost, fast return on investment, huge benefit, and Iron bodyfit gives you the opportunity to get into a new project.

  • We guarantee you a catchment area
  • A personalize support given by expert
  • Benefit from all Ironbody fit network knowledge
  • Join a dynamic and tight-knit network ;
  • Get a return on investment from the first year
  • One of the most competitive royalties in the market
  • Support you from your first step as an entrepreneur
  • Training program
  • Marketing and communication services
  • Annual seminar
  • Awards given depend on your sucess

Our history

2015 : 1st Ironbody fit studio open
2016 : Creation of Ironbody fit Corporation
2018 : A show shot on M6 (French channel)
2019 : Opening in Swiss and Belgium
2020 : Opening in the USA and Canada

Training and Support

Follow-up throughout your path

We offer an internal training centre, where start up courses will be given depending on the franchisee profile. This training centre will allow you to prepare business plan depending on your goals. We also offer support throughout the setup of your project and provide answers to any question you could have including (accounting, management and training).

Two Initial training

  • Technical aspect : to be qualified for EMS instructor (In our Training Centre, or in one of our franchisee site)
  • Managerial Aspect : to develop and manage your studio (sales and entrepreneurial training)

On-going training

  • On-going training on any update to the franchisee and his employees
  • Specific training on demand

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