How to get fit with EMS training

Do you ever workout and don’t want to be there? Do you not have time to exercise? If you want to get fit, but find it difficult to find tiem or or simply lack motivation, then EMS training might be your answer. With only one 25 minute workout needed each week to see results, EMS is an excellent way to get into shape.

What Is EMS training?

EMS, or Electro Muscle Stimulation, is an innovative method of exercise that involves wearing an EMS training suit that stimulates your muscles. With strategically placed pads on each of your major muscle groups, electrodes will stimulate them all at once, speeding up your workout and offering real results.

But what exactly is EMS? How does it work? And how can you use it safely and effectively to help you get fit? Keep reading for answers!

Why EMS training?

EMS offers a number of benefits over conventional exercise. With workouts taking just a fraction of the time, you might consider that reason enough. However, EMS offers a number of other benefits such as greater endurance, better body composition, and increased strength. It can also improve blood circulation and improve your mood too! EMS can also be used for rehabilitative purposes, as it can speed up recovery from workouts and reduce injury time.

How Does EMS Work?

EMS involves using a training suit to target 8 major muscle groups at the same time. With strategically placed pads in the training suit, it elicits up to 100 contractions a second, PER MUSCLE! By doing this, a single session is the equivalent of a week’s worth of conventional exercise. Although it might not feel as difficult as a conventional workout, it is more efficient and can lead to the same, if not greater results.

Can I do it more than once a week?

EMS training is a great way to get your body into shape, but you don’t want to overdo it. It can be easy to overtrain as the exercise is very intense, which is why we only recommend one weekly session. You might be tempted to do more than one session, but we believe one session allows for adequate recovery whilst achieving results, and is the most time-effective routine.

If you’re looking for a way to get yourself in shape, EMS is a great option. From toning up, to gaining endurance, and getting stronger, EMS can help you. If you’re curious to give it a go, click here to book your free trial!