Trying EMS Training For The First Time

Some EMS training facts to help you understand what it is and why you should engage in training sessions right away


There’s a huge gap between people who exercise regularly and those who’d rather do something completely different that doesn’t involve wearing very tight clothing and sweating like a pig. It is no secret that exercise is necessary to keep our body properly functioning and our mind healthy, and since the battle between these two types of people just mentioned, many innovative forms of exercising have appeared over the years.

One of the newest types of training sessions is called EMS training and uses muscle stimulation through high-frequency signals to keep your body fit without having to spend hours at a gym performing rare exercises no one wants to do. With EMS training you only need a brief 20-minute session to enjoy the benefits of having trained for almost 4 hours. It is not magic, it is science, and this article will tell you all about EMS training and why you should book a session right away.

Take a look at what EMS training is, what it does to your body and what to expect the first time trying it. Further, the best place to start EMS training to see results in no time. 

What Is EMS Training?

Electro Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, is an innovative exercise form in which a high-frequency electric current signals muscle contraction similar to what our brain does to the rest of our body. The current runs through your muscles, and the contractions reach deep muscle fibers you perhaps were not aware they were there.

EMS training has been around for quite some time but was only used mainly by athletes, thus the machine was perfect for training hard in a short period while maximizing results and their performance. What’s more, EMS training helped them keep their excellent physical form without risking damaging their body. 

That being said, EMS training gained popularity over the past few years due to many celebrities hopping on the trend, and they have their reasons. Personalities like Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Hurley, and Madonna are just some of the many well-known people who switched to EMS training. 

How EMS Training Works

According to several articles and research conducted over the years, this type of training is highly effective, and when paired with proper strength training, sports performance can be highly improved and enhanced. 

This is due to EMS training keeping your body moving and engaged for almost 3 days after your session, which will target 400 muscles altogether. With EMS training you can benefit from a week worth of workouts with just a brief high-frequency training session. 

Not only does EMS training help with your physical form, but with your mental well-being too. EMS results include improved confidence and being in a better mood, which can significantly change how you approach your day with your work, business, school, and other important things.

An EMS device stimulates your body’s metabolic rate, allowing you to tone and shape your entire body, even in resistant areas like your waist, hips, and thighs. You’ll notice increased muscle strength and endurance as the device exercises your muscles. The difference with a normal gym has to do with the amount of time you have to spend exercising to see results, as well as the intensity your body has to reach to feel accomplished. This is where certain chemicals like endorphins come into play, which are released when you exercise and can reduce pain and boost your mood.

First Time Trying EMS Training 

Now that the definition and function of EMS training have been cleared out, it is time to talk about what to expect in your first EMS training session. In the beginning, it is normal to feel a bit scared but it is not something you should be worried about because EMS is completely safe and regulated.

When you first walk into the studio or room where the machine is, your trainer will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the training session, including what you’ll do, how long will it last as well as possible feelings regarding the machine when it starts. Although EMS training is painless, the wearable device will give you a tingling feeling. This is perfectly normal and the sensation you’re experiencing is a clear indication that your muscles are being activated and stimulated by the gadget during your workout.

As with any other type of exercise, feeling uncomfortable and like you want to go home is normal and happens to everybody, but know that EMS training is perhaps one of the best forms of exercising and achieving amazing results without spending countless hours at the gym doing things you don’t like and engaging in crazy diets.

Best Place To Start EMS Training

You must spend some time researching the place where you want to start your EMS training to be sure you’re being looked after by professionals who know what they’re doing. Iron Bodyfit is qualified and ready to help you on every step of your journey, including key knowledge and EMS training facts so you can feel safe, as well as the latest machines and facilities to have a pleasant workout done. 

When you arrive, make sure to have one or two water bottles with you to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the session. This is particularly important to both completing the training session successfully and allowing your body to rest and regain its balance. 

Iron Bodyfit is the UK’s best and most qualified training facility where you can start electro muscle stimulation and achieve excellent EMS training results. With a brief 25-minute session you can enjoy an equivalent of 4 hours of sports, and thanks to our personal trainers who are by your side every moment of your session and our dedicated performance monitoring, you can begin an active life without struggle.

Book your session today and start a unique journey towards the best version of yourself, including your physical and mental health. 



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