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Iron Bodyfit has more than 120 studios worldwide. Today, our fitness studios assess and help more than 25,000 members!

A simple and efficient concept

No time to work out? Remember you only need to work out once a week for only 25 minutes with electro muscle stimulation session to get the same results as 4 hours in the gym!

The main mission of Iron Bodyfit is to make you happy.

So simple, so happy!

Iron Bodyfit experience



Easily achievable results, thanks to your personal trainer who tailors your session just for you. A maximum of 3 people can train at a time to make sure you receive an outstanding and personalised service.  We make keeping fit so simple.


Our studios are warm and cosy to make you feel at home. You will received a personalised assessment and ongoing support so that you can see every step of your progress. At Iron BodyFit, every detail counts, which is why we provide you with the most personalised experience possible.


Performance Iron Bodyfit

EMS for wellness

Electro muscle stimulation technology is here to improve your daily life and bring you happiness – scientifically proven!

  • It improves circulation by enhancing the blood flow to the extremities
  • It increases lung capacity and improves blood flow to the muscles
  • Electro muscle stimulation helps you tighten your skin! As the blood circulates better and irrigates the subcutaneous tissues, the effects of ageing are reduced and the appearance of the skin is improved
  • It increases the production of natural collagen in the skin
  • It reduces fat storage by promoting its dissolution and improves the supply of nutrients in the limbs
  • It helps relieve stress and tensions accumulated throughout the day


With EMS, you are working on 8 muscles groups simultaneously!


Personalised support

Benefit from the IRON DIAG, an individual body assessment, nutrition advice and personalised support. Tailoring your training and support to your needs, your trainers are with you every step of the way.


Personalize coaching

All inclusive

You comfort is our priority, which is why provide you a set of services to make you so happy! 

  • We offer you free beverages such as tea, coffee, and plenty of water to make sure you are always hydrated
  • Dried fruits for quick energy
  • Towels, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner so you feel ready and refreshed to continue on with your day